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Corporate Sector

Invest in the best: buy corporate sector furniture, work desks, chairs and storage solutions at Rose Office

Create a buzz in your corporate office by providing the latest in corporate sector furniture!

A productive corporate office needs an office design which enables the flexible flow of activity-based working. Strategically zoned areas for specific types of work, hot desking, group work stations, easily changeable configurations: these are all current trends in corporate office planning and reflect the dynamic buzz and flow of work energy that occurs in these spaces.

Your employees need office furniture that facilitates these trends. We can help. Rose Office have experience and expertise in equipping corporate office spaces so that your employees can get the most out of them. Ergonomically designed and adjustable desks and chairs ensure that your staff can protect the health of their spine, enabling them to participate comfortably and energetically in their work environment.

Find modern, executive desks and chairs to furnish your corporate sector office at Rose Office

Corporate boardrooms and directors’ offices require furnishings which make a statement. Rose Office supplies a range of executive and managerial desks to suit all tastes and functions, including manual and electrically adjustable desks and workstations. Whether you are searching for a rich, heavy mahogany colour or a lighter, modern colour scheme, we can provide you with an executive desk in a range of shapes, styles, materials and colours.

Rose Office also supplies

If you need assistance with your office planning stage you can contact our Head of Projects, Judy Rose. Judy oversees the purchasing and showroom merchandising at Rose Office, so she knows every style, every price and every finish! This means she can work with you to help you create a great looking work space that is on time and on budget.

Your purchases are protected with a 5-year guarantee on all furniture.

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