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Buy well designed Government Department furniture to invest in your employees’ health and safety

Create a safe, modern working space with our well designed, affordable range of ergonomic office desks, chairs and workstations and storage solutions

Employee health and safety is a serious consideration for every work space. When choosing new desks, chairs and workstations for your department, it is important to consider design specifications, quality, functionality and affordability, to ensure that you create an office environment that best supports your staffs’ productivity.

Rose Office has over 60 years of experience helping our customers to choose the right furniture for their workspaces. We can cater to every budget and assist you with our large range of the latest in ergonomically designed desks, chairs, workstations and storage solutions to fit out large or small government department offices.

The staff at Rose Office have the knowledge and expertise to guide you through the technical considerations of each design and can explain the finer details to help make your choices easier. We are here to assist you with every stage of planning and creating your office space.

Organisation and efficiency begins with the right desk, chair and storage solutions!

Rose Office understands that large, departmental office spaces are the foundation upon which the organisation and efficiency of your staff is built. It is critical that your work space not only protects your staffs’ health and wellbeing, but that it also creates the appropriate tone and atmosphere to reflect the professionalism of those who work in it. This includes office furniture which encourages and supports the organisation and efficient management of daily business.

Getting it right doesn’t have to be difficult. With over 60 years in the furniture business, our staff has the expertise you require to guide you through these important decisions. We are here to help you bring your vision for a functional and affordable office space to life.

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Contact us for all of your Government Department office furniture needs today! Whether you shop online or instore, you will receive the same dedicated and professional service from our staff.