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Hospitality & Retail

Looking for chairs and furniture for your hospitality or retail business? At Rose Office, we have got you covered.

Buy from our wide range of hospitality and retail furniture, desks and chairs: We have something to suit every business

If you are a hospitality or retail business owner, you understand and appreciate that your interior design and the atmosphere that it creates is a major aspect of your marketing and sales strategy. As well as being functional and practical, you want to create the right environment- something that engages, comforts and stimulates your customers, and that reflects the integrity and mission of your brand.

The staff at Rose Office knows that the furniture you choose will contribute to this, and that the right pieces in the right places can play an invaluable part in the success of your business. Is furniture really this important? Yes, it really is!

Your hospitality or retail business will benefit from our expert advice and help in selecting furniture that will help you attract more customers and sell your brand

If you have a café or restaurant, the last thing you want is for your customers to be uncomfortable in anyway, detracting from your excellent food and service. Likewise, retail business owners need inventive selling points that help give them an edge over other stores, such as a cosy dressing room with comfortable chairs or ottoman, or a strategically placed rest area for tired shoppers that enticingly provides a three-seat sofa. The staff at Rose Office can help you match your budget and taste to products we know will impress you.

With over 60 years in the furniture business, our staff has the expertise you require to guide you through these important decisions. We understand that hospitality and retail business owners need the maximum effect for the best price. If you require assistance in planning your vision for your interior, talk to our resident Head of Projects and Style guru, Judy Rose. Judy oversees the purchasing of Rose Office Furniture and also all Showroom merchandising, so she knows every style, every price and every finish. Call Rose Office to speak to Judy to arrange a consultation or come in and visit us instore. You can also shop online.

We have special deals for eMembers, offer delivery for orders over 50 kms out of Melbourne and can assist you with assembly. We look forward to helping you!