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Media & Communications Sector

Purchase your Media and Communications office furniture, desks and chairs from Rose Office

We have everything you need to create healthy workspaces in the Media and Communications sector

Professionals who work in the media and communications sector know exactly how important their office desks and chairs are. Neck and shoulder strain from working long hours sitting at desks and writing on computers to meet tight deadlines can be a contributing factor to workplace injury and absences if workstations are not set up correctly. We now know that how your employees sit at their desks and computers impacts upon their overall health. Don’t worry- we have plenty of solutions for you.

Rose Office has a wide selection of ergonomically designed and configured desks, chairs and workstations to help your employees operate to their best potential while supporting them to avoid unnecessary stress and strain.

Furniture that supports the body also supports the mind: we can guide you in the process of choosing the right office desks and chairs

With over 60 years of experience in the business of supplying office furniture, the friendly staff at Rose Office know how to help you. Our large range of products, designed to meet the latest specifications for office work health and safety, are available in our display room. We have the knowledge and the expertise that you need to help you understand which desk, chair and computer workstation combinations and configurations will help you to support your employees work quickly and efficiently to meet those deadlines without the fear of harming their health.

Whether you already have a plan in place or need our assistance in forming one, the staff at Rose Office is here to help you. Our Head of Projects, Judy Rose is available for consultations to help you create a great looking work space that is on time and on budget.

Your purchases are protected with a 5-year guarantee on all furniture and we a delivery and assembly service.

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