High-Quality Chairs for Schools and Colleges

We understand that children and students spend a lot of time at their desks, and that is why they need comfortable and quality chairs.

At Rose Office, we don’t only cater for office furniture but have Polyprop chairs constructed with powder coated steel frame and a one-piece plastic shell for added durability. Some even have a bar across the back for further strengthening.

Education Chairs Online

These chairs are affordable some being under $30 each. You could buy a whole stack or kit out the entire auditorium or lecture hall by ordering all you need online. Best yet they also come in black and red so you could mix and match or buy an entire set of the same colour.

School Chairs Melbourne

Rose Office Furniture is located at 520-540 Spencer St, West Melbourne, making it convenient to come into our store or you can choose to order online for delivery Melbourne Wide (*call us on 1300 767 363 for deliveries further than 50km from the CBD).

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