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Public & Private Hospitals

Invest in functional, affordable public and private hospital furniture and make a positive impression

Create a welcoming tone and the right first impression in your patient and visitor waiting rooms with our excellent range of furniture

Making the right impression in a hospital is vital to maintaining a positive image in the community. The desks, chairs and tables that you place in your patient rooms or visitor waiting rooms send a message to your patients and significantly contribute to their impression of your professionalism and standards of care. Beyond serving an important functional purpose, the furniture in these places are the first things that people see and use in their hospital visit, so it is essential that thoughtful consideration is given to the furniture you choose.

Creating comfortable and soothing waiting and welcoming rooms for your clients helps to support your patients and their visitors at a time when they need it the most. They may not tell you, but the sense of calm created by a comfortable, well-furnished waiting or patient room will never be forgotten.

Creating a positive space for your patients is all in the details.

Due to the vastly differing health needs of the individuals coming through the doors, public and private hospitals need to select furniture that is multi-adaptive, can be reconfigured and with stand a high volume of users. Rose Office has solutions for all of these considerations and can show you a range of suitable options.

These include:

Whatever the purpose is, Rose Office can assist you in deciding on furnishings that will work best for you. With over 60 years in the furniture business, our staff has the expertise you require to guide you through these important decisions.

We offer:


If you need extra help in planning your space, talk to our Head of Projects, Judy Rose. She knows every style, price and finish, and can work with you to create the perfect space within your budget.

At Rose Office, you can call us, shop our entire range online or come and see us instore: we will assist you in every way we can.